Residential clean out services. And a whole lot more!

We help take the worry out of what can be very difficult situations.

Serving Omaha, Lincoln, and the Surrounding Areas

Residential Clean Outs

Residential Clean Outs

Foreclosure? Divorce or separation? Lifestyle changes? Family situations? Midwest Care Contractors stands ready to clean out your property, move out unwanted belongings and move things to be saved to a secure location.

Repairs & Remodels

Repairs & Remodels

Older homes frequently require repairs and remodels to update and bring the home up to code and ready it for sale. We can help you!

Real Estate and Legal Referrals

Real Estate and Legal Referrals

We are not lawyers nor real estate agents. But we can connect you with people who are. Selling the property? Purchasing a new home? Need forms or contracts prepared? Our partner organizations have the experience and expertise to get the job done right for you.

Estate Sale & Auction Services

Estate Sale & Auction Services

Valuable property may need to be sold through an estate sale or an auction. We can refer those services for you through the best, most professional people in the business!

Moving Services

Moving Services

Moving items from room to room or across town, Midwest Care Contractors can provide the services to get the job done.

And Much More!

And Much More!

There are many more services that may be required for the cleaning out of a residence and disposition of property. Midwest Care Contractors can help you get those things done!

Professional. Clean. Trustworthy. Family owned business

Midwest Care Contractors is a family owned business, built from two other family owned businesses in operation since 2004. We are insured and bonded.

We recognize that moving out of a home that has been part of a family for a long time carries with it many memories and emotions. We respect that, and promise to make our services as efficient and worry free as possible. From the initial clean out phase, to repairs and remodels, all the way through estate sales and auctions, we will treat you and your family with dignity and professionalism.

Let us be of service to you during these challenging times!


What will my cost be for residential cleanout services?

Your cost will depend on a number of factors. Square footage of the property, items on the premises, disposition of furniture and personal items can all be factors in your cost. Let us know the particulars of your situation and we can give you a quote.

Do you handle legal and real estate issues directly?

No. We are not attorneys or real estate agents. But we can review your situation, help you assess your needs and refer you to the top legal and real estate firms in the area. We also have estate sale and auction resources we can recommend to assure a highly professional experience from start to finish.

If my property needs repairing or remodeling to make it ready for sale, can you help?

Yes! We have a full group of professional repairing and rebuilding contractors who are insured and bonded and ready to put your property in tip-top condition for sale. From painting touch-ups to full scale kitchen upgrades, our contractors can do the job for you.

Are you a “cleaning” service?

Not exactly. Many people use cleaning services to come into their homes where they are currently living to provide weekly or monthly cleaning services. If that is something you need, we can recommend several quality companies.

Midwest Care Contractors comes into homes that are NOT occupied. We clean. We remove property for disposition as the owner wishes

. . . which may include resale through an Estate Sale or auction, or even simply discarding items the owner no longer wants to keep. We make desired repairs and remodels, and ultimately prepare the home for resale.

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How are we doing?

The guys did a really great job upgrading the porch on the rental property. They were neat, very professional and got it done in the time frame I requested. I would recommend Midwest Care Contractors to anyone!


They are THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! They orchestrated a move for me that involved moving items to another city, moving out of one local place, into another. And arranging for the sale of many things. Professional, courteous and energetic. “THESE GUYS ARE GOOD”


Thank you so much for the services you provided for us by cleaning and removing items from our family home. We appreciate every kindness shown to us during this most difficult time!